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This acrylic sealer and finisher from DecoArt is great for various DIY home décor projects. You can use it on wood, plaster, ceramic and other surfaces to add a matte finish to your works of art. Details:

finitely. finiteness. finitude. fink.

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fining/M. finished/UA. finisher/M. finishes/A. finish/JZGRSD matte/JGMZSRD.

480,00 ₱.

If using Matte Finisher, be sure to shake the bottle very well before use (shake for at least one whole minute). Duller may be added to each finisher for a more Matte shine. We do not recommend adding more than 0.5 oz of duller to a 4 oz. bottle of finisher. Colour. No.600 Acrylic Finisher. No.605 Satin. No.610 Acrylic Finisher High Gloss

Top Rated Plus. 2018-04-16 · Angelus Acrylic Finisher Matte 1 Oz 4.3 out of 5 stars 128. £7.95. Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint 4.6 out of 5 stars 549.

Matte acrylic finisher

Acrylic finishers from Angelus. Varnish applied on top of Angelus paints to seal and protect it when used later on. Choose from three different finishes, all in 

Matte acrylic finisher

After using Angelus Leather Acrylic Paint, apply Angelus Acrylic Finisher to your customized sneakers to help protect the paint from minor scratches/scrapes.

Flexible sealer will not crack, peel, streak, or rub off.
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Hand-painted with high-quality Leather Paints and sealed with a matte acrylic finisher for durability.

Women's sizes will be converted to youth sizes as they are the same.
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30 Apr 2020 This Angelus® Acrylic Finisher helps protect paint from minor scratches or scrapes. Excellent for both hand-crafted work and high speed 

Currently the lowest shine in a Finisher that Angelus offers. For best results, mix the bottle very well before use. Test on an unseen area before use. If less gloss is still desired, we recommend adding about 0.5 oz of Duller into the 4 oz.

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The Matte Finisher is the least shiny of the finishers. It does have some shine to it. It will NOT produce a flat finish. You can add Angelus Duller to make it more 

Select from a variety of finishers: high gloss, standard gloss, satin and matt.

Nickel Twist-n-Crimp Finisher for Penny Dime & Quarter Roll Wrappers · 1993 P ACRYLIC 1.5L MAGNUM ICE BUCKET · Parker Vector Frontier Matte Black 

Available in a variety of finishes from matte to high gloss in both 1 oz. and 4 oz.

2010-12-13 Angelus Acrylic Matte Finisher 4oz 620.